Set 7 Kit Electronic Roll Up Pads MIDI Drum -Green Set 7 Kit Electronic

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Set 7 Kit Electronic Roll Up Pads MIDI Drum -Green Set 7 Kit Electronic Roll Up Pads MIDI Drum -Green When you are learning to play the drum having roll-up electronic drum set will make a difference.   7 Pads practice drum kit helps the beginner develop the correct technique and become a more expressive player. Also serves to be a music instrument for children and music lovers of all ages. Use the wooden drumsticks to beat the sensitive-touch pads and press the foot pedals for a perfect performance. Press the buttons and cycle through 5 tones 8 demos and other functions to enhance your performance. Dual built-in speakers will deliver astonishing bass effect sound while 10-level volume provides player-friendly options so you can choose appropriate volume. If you are worried about disturbing others or being disturbed the headphone and headphone jack will be a perfect solution. Lightweight and road-handy with 2000mAh rechargeable battery the roll-up drum pads brings much more convenience in playing without the limitation of place.   Let's have fun with the pads and try now!   7 pads includes 1 snare 3 toms 1 crash 1 ride and 1 hi-hat for realistic performance 5 Tones 8 demos 10-level volume and other rich functions are waiting to be explored Sensitive-touch pads requires light force while 2 wooden drumsticks help to stick 2 Foot pedals left for hi-hat and right for bass drum Dual built-in speakers deliver astonishing bass effect sound USB MIDI function enables the drum pads to be connected with several digital devices Compatible with DTX games for added fun 2000mAh large capacity rechargeable battery for long lasting playing time Roll-up design portable easy to store allows you to play anywhere you want Additional headphone provided allows you to play the drum without disturbing others Suitable for kids beginners music lovers for different intentions