Outdoor Wooden Rabbit hutch-Natural Outdoor Wooden Rabbit hutch-Natural

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Outdoor Wooden Rabbit hutch-Natural Outdoor Wooden Rabbit hutch-Natural Equipped with a waterproof Asphalt roof this hutch offers pets shelter from rain and direct sunlight allowing you to put it outdoors with no worry about the weather.   Thanks to its 2-story design your pets can roam and play freely on the run or rest peacefully in the warm penthouse. Through the window you can check on them without disturbing them. As cleaning fecal is always a problem for rabbit keepers our pull-out removable tray makes it an easy job. The 2 entry doors also allow you to clean the two stories and interact with your pets easily. Most importantly thanks to the sturdy wood construction and rust-resistant wire mesh your pets’ safety is always ensured.You are sure to like it!   If you are looking for a rabbit hutch like this do not hesitate to place an order!   Large outdoor area allows pets to roam and play freely The anti-slip ramp offers easy access between 2 stories The penthouse offers comfortable resting space Asphalt roof protects pets from rain and sunlight A pull-out tray makes cleaning no more a problem 2 entry doors provide convenient interaction A thick wood frame with wire mesh ensures safety This spacious wooden rabbit cage is perfect for small pets