Indoor Cat Tree Tower with Platform Scratching Posts-Beige Indoor Cat Tree

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Indoor Cat Tree Tower with Platform Scratching Posts-Beige Indoor Cat Tree Tower with Platform Scratching Posts-Beige This multi-purpose cat tree can meet your kitten's needs with multifunction design.   No matter whether your kittens want to enjoy the feeling of the top of the world melt into a large and deep condo or climb up and down. 2 large perches with soft plush cushions provide comfortable areas to rest and overlook and the large condo creates a sense of security to curl up for snoozing. Moreover there exists a cat arch for self groomer and massager helping stop furs shedding everywhere and keep kittens entertained for hours. And equipped with multiple scratching posts which are perfect for your cats to scratch and grind their claws eliminating the worry of furniture damage. Besides to ensure the safety of everyday use the cat tree is made of high-quality plush covering and natural sisal ropes. Thanks to the big posts and wide and weighted base the cat tower is ultra-stable without worrying about wobbling or tippling over. It is suitable for cats with obesity caused by lack of activities or who damage your furniture or make a mess of rooms.   This all-in-one cat tree would make your kitten's day full of full and excitement!   2 top perches with soft cushions provide a comfortable napping experience Each layer can load up to 33 lbs suitable for small and medium and and large cats Climbing platforms allow cats to climb rest and play Spacious hideaway condo provides a private area to enjoy a long nap Sisal scratching posts allow cats to release the scratching urge The self brush helps clean cat's furs cleaner while providing a massage experience All posts are covered by natural sisal ropes safe durable pet-friendly Big posts and wide base provide strong support and ensure stability With 2 entrances cats can jump into the condo from different directions The plush cushions and mats can be easily detached for easy cleaning Soft plush coverings are safe for kittens to rub the face and