Incline Adjustable Moss Green Inflatable King Size Mattress

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Get ready to rest and slumbar in comfort with this Incline Adjustable Moss Green Inflatable King Size Mattress. This inflatable travel bed is so much more than an air mattress as it has an adjustable incline head that allows you to not only lay flat to sleep but to sit up in bed with a head that raises up to 45 degrees. Just plug in and this incredible bed will quickly inflate, allowing you to adjust the desired firmness to your prefernce. Covered in a buttery soft velvet pillowtop surface with ivory sides, this comfy bed gives you a regular bed feeling that you can take on the road or provide quickly for guests. High quality, 100% nylon heavy vinyl PVC fabric means this air bed will be super sturdy and long lasting. When not in use, the Incline Adjustable bed quickly deflates and can be tucked away in the convenient nylong storage bag.