Green Pumpkin Truck LumbarThrow Pillow

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Bring home the playful aura of Fall with this Green Pumpkin Truck LumbarThrow Pillow that features a contrasting palette to make your living space look more cheerful. Featuring an artful green truck loaded with orange pumpkins on the cargo bed over a plain white base that creates a captivating contrast, while the green edged piping gives the pillow a definitive shape. You will experience a luxurious feel every time you hold it as it is filled with a soft poly insert for warmth and comfort. The fabric meets OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification to ensure quality and safety. Crafted by skilled Turkish artisans, this pillow is 100% polyester brushed that is sure to last long without losing its shine. Place this decorative pillow against a bright-toned couch to add a splash of color to your space. 12��� x 20��� x 1���