Foldable Rehabilitation Auxiliary Walker with 5 Inch Wheels Foldable

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Foldable Rehabilitation Auxiliary Walker with 5 Inch Wheels Foldable Rehabilitation Auxiliary Walker with 5 Inch Wheels This foldable standard walker is dedicated to offering the elderly more convenient and easier lives.   Perfect for people who have difficulty standing up or walking the walker combines a normal walker with an auxiliary walker. Thanks to its auxiliary support the elderly can hold the walker in a more comfortable position instead of painstakingly blending their backs. After detaching the auxiliary support except the standard walker it also serves as a toilet armrest. Considering that the elderly may have different psychical conditions the walker features fixed and interactive modes. The fixed mode is suitable for users in late rehabilitation while the interactive mode is designed for people in early rehabilitation. For more convenience the walks adopt a one-click design to allow the elderly to conveniently store or carry them.   If you are looking for a walker like that do not hesitate to buy it!   Foamed auxiliary support provides more comfort Adjustable auxiliary support and feet for different body shapes Features 5 inch smooth wheels to help user conveniently move Easy and quick to fold it up for convenient storage and transport Easily press the button to fold the walker into a compact size Foot design in sled style to increase friction and enhances overall stability Offers a more comfortable supporting position for the elderly to relieve back pain Multifunction design is available for both auxiliary walker and toilet walker Lightweight yet sturdy aluminum alloy frame weighs 8 lbs and supports up to 397 lbs With fixed and interactive modes to suit the elderly with different psychical conditions