Corduroy Styled Burnt Orange Tufted Floor Pillow

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Distinctive in design the Corduroy Styled Burnt Orange Tufted Floor Pillow lends an exclusive sense of comfort to any space. Elegant and stylish the pillow features a trendy corduroy pattern that engulfs the entire surface with neatly stitched pipings in matching tones. The tufted characteristic of the pillow owes to its sumptuous and plush form, relieving the need for constant readjustment or fluffing of your pillows. Keep your pillow on hand at all times with the cleverly designed handle for easy transfer. Attractively versatile the pillow can be used both as a sofa cushion and a floor pillow. Bunch up a few of them around your coffee table and create a chic seating option or throw them on your sofa or bed for that extra comfiness. 24" x 24" x 5"