All-in-one Portable Pushup Board with Bag All-in-one Portable Pushup Board

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All-in-one Portable Pushup Board with Bag All-in-one Portable Pushup Board with Bag This all-in-one home gym with 8 exercise accessories can offer you effective full-body workout while saving your time and money on expensive gym memberships.   This fitness training equipment provides 211 kinds of workout options to make your whole body get full exercise and strengthen including the shoulder arm back chest abdomen hip leg etc. Strong tension elastics and changeable fixed positions allow you to regulate the difficulty of each exercise. With the carrying bag and foldable base you can enjoy fitness with our portable home gym anywhere and anytime. As for quality made of premium ABS material in rugged construction this workout equipment supports long-lasting use and can hold weights up to 265 lbs.   If you are looking for a pushup board like tihs do not hesitate to place an order!   Ergonomic and comfortable handles for elastic and pushup exercises The resistance can be adjusted according to your sports demands Wheel roller is perfect to build muscle and do AB training Help to burn fat strengthen your whole body and build muscles Adjustable handle positions to exercise different parts of muscles All-in-one home gym with foldable design saves space and money Complete accessories provide a great variety of exercises up to 211 Easy to carry it and train anywhere with the storage bag Anti-slip pads increase friction and security Suitable for man and women of all fitness levels