61-Key Portable Digital Stage Piano with Carrying Bag-White 61-Key Portable

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61-Key Portable Digital Stage Piano with Carrying Bag-White 61-Key Portable Digital Stage Piano with Carrying Bag-White The upgraded 61-key digital piano keyboard with a portable carrying case is an ideal musical instrument for any beginners or intermediate users.   The most important improvement is the dynamical adjustment through transpose and button. Compared to the PVC panel the new silicon panel effectively avoids any potential damages. Additionally external sound is louder and crispier than built-in ones. This enhances the acoustics by a great margin. Moreover the tutorial function assists the users to learn demos easily and wireless function makes users easy to trace music of their choice. Additional features include protection MIC function MP3 recording drum kit and chords all for a better playing experience.   If you are looking for a piano keyboard don't hesitate to buy one.   128 Rhythms 128 tones and 20 demos multiple options Teaching function is suitable for piano learning MIDI interface allows connecting different smart devices Wireless function facilitates following playing with music Can connect headphones to create a quiet playing environment 66 Keys with ultra-thickness and perfect pressing depth are finger-friendly External sound ensures louder sound than built-in one Dynamical adjustment helps you to play a more attractive piece Silicon panel equipped with buttons is more safe and reliable Can be charged through power bank computer USB or power strip Long battery life up to 12 hours after 4 hours charging Secure material & ASTM certification guarantee reliable usage Waterproof carrying case is convenient for storing & carrying the keyboard Can be connected to sustain pedal to meet certain needs of performance The keyboard will automatically reset when the battery voltage below 3.5 V