5 Pieces Junior Drum Set with 5 Drums-Black 5 Pieces Junior Drum Set with 5

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5 Pieces Junior Drum Set with 5 Drums-Black 5 Pieces Junior Drum Set with 5 Drums-Black This percussion instrument set is manufactured with top components.   The drums have 9-layer hardwood shells with premium drum skin to play a beautiful drumbeat. And the cymbal which is forged by stainless steel shows a crisp and clear sound. Including a tome drum a snare drum a bass drum and a cymbal this drum set has everything you need to encourage your little drummer. It is suitable for starters who just show interest in music or the promising young drummers as well. The strong electroplated drum lungs and stands hold the instruments sturdily. And this set comes with 2 hardwood drumsticks a bass pedal and a height-adjustable seat. Besides this drum set has a high gloss finish which will look fantastic on a stage or in your hom.   If you are looking for a percussion instrument set like this do not hesitate to place an order!   3-piece drum set includes 8" cymbal 8" tom drum 10" snare drum 13" bass drum 9-layer poplar wood drum cavity ensures an enhanced resonance chamber for great sound Premium drum skins with large tension radiate a warm tonality Kids' size drum set is suitable for both beginners and advanced learners. Musical accessories include 2 solid wood drum sticks a bass drum pedal and 3-height seat The frame has been electroplated to for better rust resistance The cymbal is made of stainless steel for crisp percussion Installation guide