460W Snow Cone Maker Machine Shaver Adjustable-White 460W Snow Cone Maker

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460W Snow Cone Maker Machine Shaver Adjustable-White 460W Snow Cone Maker Machine Shaver Adjustable-White This 460W ice crusher with sharp blades ensures an ice shaving speed of 320 rpm and produces 265 lbs shaved ice per hour.    The ice hopper can hold up tp 5.1 lbs ice cubes. It's ideal for both family and commercial uses. Besides it's also easy to operate. You can easily start this ice shaver with button. By rotating the adjustment knob you are able to control ice fineness from rough to fine. The rough ice needs 3-5 minutes while the fine ice needs 5-8 minutes. When crushing ice the top lid can prevent outside dust. Also the lid with convenient handle also simplifies cleaning process. Apart from that it also features visible window removable tray and drainage hole. Solid ABS and aluminum material as well as non-slip foot pads keep it durable and stable so it can serve you for years. Tips: this machine is only suitable for shaving small ice cubes with a side length of no more than 0.8"-1" and it must be installed by a technician.   If you are looking for an electric ice crusher like this do not hesitate to place an order!   460W powerful motor and sharp blades guarantee a rotating speed of 320 rpm Able to make 265 lbs crushed ice per hour Can accommodate 5.1 lbs ice inside the machine Power switch also has "reverse" function Adjustment knob to adjust different ice fineness(rought:3-5 mins/fine: 5-8 mins) Suitable for ice cubes with 0.8"-1" length Fully open cover allows for easy cleaning and avoid dust Equipped with front handle removable tray and drainage hole ABS and aluminum material for high durability Solid base helps it to stay stable on any countertop Non-slip foot pads add more stability Perfect for kitchen bar dessert shop and more