4" Modern Square Portable and Hangable Solar Lantern

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Light up the night in style with this Modern Square Portable and Hangable Solar Lantern. Folding flat when not in use for easy storage and tote-ability, this fabulous cube pops up easily to be a great source of light outdoors but can also be brought indoors for use after charging! Ingeniously designed for fabulous entertaining and as decorative and functional decor that is easier and safer than candles, this square lantern brings a modern touch to your space. Not only do you get light, but this powerful lantern offers 4 light color settings with Bright White, Low White, Red, and Blinking Red (perfect for SOS/emergency situations). This great lantern works well on its own but can be paired with multiples for a creative and magical lighting experience. 3.5" x 3.5" x 3.5"