22" Classic Teak Wall Mount Teak Shower Bench

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Beautiful, functional, and ADA compliant, this Classic Wall Mount Teak Shower Bench is a great choice for comfort and safety in your shower. Teak is a high power hardwood known for its water resistance, heartiness and natural ability to resist mold and rot from moisture and humidity, making it the ideal choice for shower and wet area needs. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, this bench is high quality and an ideal addition to your shower. Spaced precisely the exact amount apart the premium teak slates are designed to allow for water drainage and comfort. The surfaces are finely sanded and extra care is taken to make sure the edges and corners are super smooth. Adjust down flat to the wall when not in use, this seat comes equipped with all of the high quality stainless steel hardware you need to install. 14" x 22" x 16". Typically mounts 17"-19" above the floor.