2-In-1 Ice Maker Water Dispenser 36lbs/24H LCD Display-Red 2-In-1 Ice Maker

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2-In-1 Ice Maker Water Dispenser 36lbs/24H LCD Display-Red 2-In-1 Ice Maker Water Dispenser 36lbs/24H LCD Display-Red Here's a 2-in-1 ice maker water dispenser to provide you with an excellent ice-on-demand at any given time.   The high-efficiency ice-making mechanism benefits from modern refrigeration technology combined with powerful but quiet compression. Therefore it's able to produce up to 26 lbs of bullet-shaped ice cubes in 24 hours. Both small and large-sized ice cubes can get produced which takes about 6-12 minutes for 9 cubes. Thanks to the high-quality LCD display and control panel it is easy to operate through the buttons and manual provided. Moreover various light indicators guide you through the necessities of machine procedures to successfully run it. Despite its strong power it is low in noise and equally good in energy consumption.   Integrate it into your life to get yourself a mine of ice cubes whenever wherever!   Note: The countertop ice maker is equipped with automatic cleaning function. Press and hold the on / off key for more than 5 seconds in standby mode and the ice maker only flows water without making ice.   2-in-1 multi-functional ice maker and water dispenser brings conveniences. Portable and compact design makes it suitable for countertop parties and more. Features R600a refrigerant that is eco-friendly and highly safe ABS made shell is durable and solid and can be used for a long time. "Small" and "Large" size ice tube option satisfies varying needs. Features 0.5-19.5 hours timer delay time range and runs automatically upon setting time delay. Less noise ice cubes ready in as quick as 6 minutes and produces 26lbs of ice in 24 hours. Concise and clear LCD display window is easy to use. Features visible function display pane Highly efficient ice making leads to 9 clean ice cubes in one cycle in 6 minutes.