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Lewis Lab Brewers Yeast Flakes - 12.35 oz

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Lewis Lab Brewers Yeast Flakes - 12.35 oz After an extensive worldwide search, Lewis Laboratories International, Ltd. has finally found high quality, 100% natural, non GMO, gluten free, non-fortified, 100% pure yeast flakes that actually taste good. We all know how nutrients in vegetables and fruits vary depending on the soil in which they are grown. Take Idaho potatoes for instance - famous for being the best. Why is that? Because the nutrients in the soil are not found anywhere else. Previously, our famous brewer�s yeast products were grown in Croatia where the soil is very rich in nutrients. Unfortunately, the supplier no longer produces yeast from their sugar beets. As a result, we searched the world for a replacement and have found the very best natural yeast from sugar beets that live up to our very high standards. If Lewis Labs 100% Pure Premium Imported Brewer's Yeast Flakes are not part of your daily nutritional habit, they should be. Brewer's yeast is one of the most perfect foods known. Loaded with proteins, minerals and vitamins, it is amazing how much food value is packed into even a small amount. It provides the protein you want without the extra calories and cholesterol you do not. Since it is low in fat, carbohydrates, sodium and calories, it is especially useful for dieters, vegetarians, diabetics and hypoglycemics. In fact, it seems to have a bounty of nutritional goodness for just about everybody. Lewis Labs 100% Pure Premium Imported Yeast Flakes are derived from plant and microbial sources (the inactivated yeast strain, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, commonly referred to as brewer's yeast) and is nutritionally superior to ordinary types of yeast. It is one of the best natural sources of the entire B vitamin complex. It is a superb source of concentrated protein including all the essential amino acids. In fact, brewer's yeast contains about ten times as much protein as the same amount of whole-wheat flour. It is extraordinarily rich in nucleic acid, which is a essential element of cell