110 W Cordless Cleaner Handheld Multifunction Vacuum 110 W Cordless Cleaner

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110 W Cordless Cleaner Handheld Multifunction Vacuum 110 W Cordless Cleaner Handheld Multifunction Vacuum This cordless electric vacuum cleaner will quickly become your number one cleaning helper!   The machine is small in size but with a high suction power of up to 30000 r/min and four different heads it will help you clean your home more conveniently and efficiently. Moreover it can continually work for 35min after only 3.5 hours of fast charging. And you can easily transform the cleaner from a stick to a handheld vacuum making it easy to clean those hard to reach places. The ergonomic handle and lightweight design allow you to pull and push it effortlessly. Also the 500ml large storage dustbin is detachable and washable. It will save your time your labor and your money!   What are you waiting for? Come on and buy it!   This vacuum cleaner is unrestricted by distance allowing you to clean without jumping over the cord A powerful motor rotates up to 30000 r/min 2000mAh battery fully charges in 3.5 hours for up to 35 minutes of cleaning time The transparent dust container is easy to clean It can quickly transform into a handheld vacuum making it convenient to clean all around your home and in your car The wall-mounted base is convenient for the machine to charge and store on the wall Filtering components are detachable and washable It's flexible to rotate right and left up and down Lightweight design with an ergonomic handle allows you to pull push and lift effortlessly High quality with ABS material and ETL certified charger