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Spike Vegit Seasoning - All Purpose - 4 oz

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Very low - sodium. Rich flavor. Delectable savor. Gayelord Hauser recommends Vegit, the zesty flavorful way to end the low-sodium blahs. Lively low-sodium Vegit adds taste excitement to all your meals. Vegit is the only seasoning you need. Use it in cooking, and sprinkle generously on meats, fish, poultry, salads, vegetables, eggs, cottage cheese, pizzas, barbecues, dressings, dips, appetizers, popcorn, and tomato drinks. Add a dash of excitement to soups and sauces, too. The whole family will thrill to the lively taste of Vegit. The savory sparkle of Vegit is the result of an inspired combination of natural herbs and vegetables with a special high flavor yeast, papain enzyme from ripe tropical papayas and other natural flavors. Add a healthy dose of flavor with Vegit. Contains no chemical free flowing agents.