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Homeolab USA Kids 0-9 Colic Liquid Raspberry - 0.25 fl oz

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Homeolab USA Kids 0-9 Colic Liquid Raspberry - 0.25 fl oz Homeolab USA Kids 0-9 Colic Liquid Raspberry Description: Fast Acting, Effective Relief that Helps: Relieve colic and gas pain Calm nausea Reduce burping Relieve agitation and irritability Safe- no side effects, no drug interaction Alcohol Free, Dye Free, Sugar Free Great Tasting Raspberry Flavor Homeopathic Medicine Indications: This solution of natural origin helps relieve intestinal gas and abdominal colic associated with baby's digestive sensibility. Documentation Colic is very painful for babies. They cry during their feeding, turn red, tighten their little fists and fold their legs over their stomach to try and stop the pain. Homeocan's Kids Colic Oral Solution helps relieve this terrible pain associated with baby's digestive sensibility. Therapeutic Indications: Colocynthis: Relieve's baby's violent intestinal colic pain, agitation and irritability. Also helps dispel abdominal gas and soothe nausea and vomiting. Magnesia Phosphorica: Recommended during acute colic attacks with violent cramps appearing and disappearing quickly. Chamomilla: Indicated in Packs of acute attacks of gastralgla, flatulent colic with gas and eructations that smell like rotten eggs. Stomach ache. These symptoms are generally accompanied by anger, nervousness, agitation, hypersensitivity and bad humor. Feel improvement by applying warm compresses. Dioscorea: Excellent remedy used for acute intestinal spasmodic attacks with strong pain. Free Of Alcohol, dye and sugar. Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.